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A full moon is a time of climax, of revelation in a particular segment of life, reflected by the Scorpio house of your natal chart. During the evening of April 23rd the Moon will shine bright, absorbing the light of the Taurus Sun from across the sky. A full moon signifies an opposition between the Moon and the Sun, between emotions, instinct, darkness and awareness, vitality and light. 

In Scorpio, the Moon reflects on the archetype of Hekate. In mythology, Hekate is the revered goddess of magic, ruling over crossroads, ghosts and graves. She protects those who journey through the underworld. This lunation makes a challenging aspect with Pluto, the God of the Underworld, where Souls retire after death. It seems that the sky wants us to remember now that each progress and radical shift in consciousness (as mirrored by the potent Jupiter Uranus conjunction) has its shadows, like spells done by the wrong hands. 

There is depth and mystery, darkness and magic taking place now. Whether the alchemy happens within our souls or behind closed doors where state powers decide the fate of the world, Hekate is alive and sits at the round table of fate. We should not fear her influence, as she holds the gift of enchantment. She follows Mars' command, the ruler of Scorpio, who is at the moment enmeshed in the deep emotional waters of Pisces, almost conjunct Neptune, the god of no boundaries and the master of illusions. 

This seems to say that what is taking place, the big upheaval that we are living at the moment, is more than an exciting leap into the future. We are under a spell and drunk with our delusion; while the depth of our unconscious need for power creates destructive actions, masked by the ideal of progress and advancement. Our personal and collective shadow is powerfully constellated at the moment, with past victims becoming the aggressors and hidden dynamics ruling the mass erratic quest for power.

There is so much positivity projected on these astrological alignments, social media abounds with spiritual messages, reinforcing the fake illusion of positive thinking. Yes the Universe is kind and loving, is mastery ordered, but ultimately its energy gets filtered by our own level of consciousness. And as much as we want liberation and elevation, our actions show that we are blindly ruled by our shadows and complexes. The cosmos never fails to reflect the entire story, but we each "read it" biased by our own unconscious lens.

At this full moon, nurture the darker aspects of yourself. There are no simple words that can be used as guidance, more than the mantra I always tell myself  - be kind and open to any parts you fear, despise or want to damage. No matter the compulsion to do harm, to yourself or others, let the darkness pass through, never assume you know what is going on, and remember - nothing lasts forever. Our shadow is easily projected on a person, people, group and it is this work of owning what we despise and hate that is being mirrored now by the sky.

There may be heavy emotional states, power battles, obsessive behaviors, fear of being exposed, and tentative of escape. We may witness and partake in events that seem out of our control.

Issues of survival, victims of violence and deep turmoil may be constellated at the moment. We are at a crossroad. Any forward movement implies a letting go. Hekate and this Full Moon in Scorpio reveal the deep emotional journey of purging our shadows so we can create a new better evolved world. 

And because both Scorpio (Moon) and Taurus (Sun) are signs which signify money, wealth and resources - we may be once more wrapped up in a whirlwind of events caused by profit and financial manipulation. Pluto in Aquarius is mining for the truth and it will reveal the ruthlessness that sits at the center of worldwide decisions.

If this Full Moon in Scorpio and the big radical change brought by Jupiter Uranus causes upheaval in your life, a consultation will help clarify and guide you towards the best outcome. You can book here.

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