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Sun enters Taurus (April 20th  - May 21st, 2024) while the big astrological event of the year, the Jupiter Uranus conjunction is exact at 20 deg Taurus.

The Sun moves sign every 30 days, bringing awareness, focus and attention to different parts (astrological houses) of our lives. But this year, our Taurus journey is a bit different in magnitude compared to other years. 2024 will be a significant year in our personal and collective history due to the grand revolutionary meeting of Jupiter (magnifies and expands) and Uranus (radical reform and advancement). 

If Aries starts things, Taurus's job is to build - to take root, sustain and accumulate. Using your birth chart as a map of your life and development, the Place or house where you have Taurus is the area of life where you are building reliable structures. That is also the place where you hold onto things and have a hard time letting go. 

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, in translation it is blessed with common sense, realism. It has a tough skin and being a beast of burden, it can take on a lot of work so those planets you have in Taurus are very resilient, perseverant and determined. 

Taurus is the second sign of spring and it radiates a deep faith that the Universe will provide as long as you put in the work. Practical in orientation and disliking the purely theoretical, Taurus does not easily believe in anything that can't be seen and touched. Simplicity is a virtue associated with Taurus, and this could also be the most present sign of the zodiac, keeping themselves satisfied in the here and now. 

Taurus is a stoic sign, any planet positioned here will manifest an ability to calmly accept anything that happens as the unavoidable result of the natural order of things. If you are a Taurus, you benefit from spending time in nature, walking barefoot on the grass and involving yourself with farming, growing food or taking care of your body. The senses are Taurus' antennas and radar in navigating the world. 

One careful consideration with Taurus planets is its preponderance towards stagnation, inertia and self indulgence; as this sign is concerned with conserving energy rather than using it.

A psychological defense that is often seen with Taurus is quiet resistance and slow arousal. The unmoving, saying NO before YES fixity is often triggered as a response to power battles and exertion of someone's will. What keeps Taurus moving is "value for money", the desire to acquire wealth, and live a luxurious and abundant life. 

In 2024, the planet that brings the unexpected, Uranus is creating a big reform in the Taurus space of our chart, helped by Jupiter - the energy which expands on anything it touches. 

Our resistance to change may act against us, and awareness of the slowness of embracing change is necessary. Risk is not something Taurus energy likes, nor does it prefer conflict over peace. But the stagnation that sometimes surrounds us is swept away synchronistically by things that are bigger than us. 

If you resonate with this article and want to delve deeper into your natal chart, I am here for you. Book your session here. 

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