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Retrograde is Over! Mercury Moves Direct

April 25th 2024 at 15 deg Aries

Mercury is the planet ruling over communication, transportation and commerce. When retrograde, its speed, logic and wittiness are slowed down and we encounter delays or second thoughts about decisions or purchases. There is a trick with Mercury Rx cycles - knowing what distance in degrees the planet moves forward, backwards and then forward again will give you a calendar to review and rethink or re-negotiate certain decisions. Now that Mercury moves direct and travels for the last time over the Aries part of the chart that was under scrutiny, use these dates to check in with your plans and actions:

March 18th - Mercury was at 15 deg Aries moving direct. On April 25th Mercury returns at 15 degrees Aries, completing its Rx movement.

What beginnings and startups did you put in motion around March 18th and how did things unfold in the past month? What corrections are necessary? What delays did you encounter? What lesson or theme was highlighted for you? (it helps if you know where you have Aries in your chart - love, money, career, etc)

April 1st, Mercury turns Rx at 27 deg Aries. From March 18th until April 1st, Mercury helped you create a new beginning, a new start. However, is Aries fashion, you may have been too impulsive, forgot important details or chose to ignore the consequences of these actions that sprung during the last two weeks of March.

April 1st - April 25th, Mercury helped you review and assess the implications of your actions. If you have not done it already, write down a list of the things that need correction and be specific about what needs to shift in order for your goals to be successful.

April 25th - May 13th , Mercury travels direct from 15deg Aries to 27 deg Aries, giving us a chance to start again, this time with all the wisdom and efficiency that we did not have access to around March 18th. During this journey, Mercury met Chiron, the Wounded Healer - so we faced something painful about our new beginning or decision and also, Mercury was part of a Solar Eclipse in Aries which accelerated our drive to win and escalated big shifts in our lives.

You can use these prompts to journal about this Mercury Rx in Aries:

  • What did I begin in the last 2 weeks of March? 

  • Was this new beginning conceived to avoid pain or to heal a part of me which needed my attention? 

  • What happened that seemed fated, out of my control or synchronistic?

  • Did I witness myself becoming more competitive in the past 6 weeks?

  • What things or actions  have I postponed or ignored or repressed out of fear of conflict?

See if any of these prompts help you to uncover information which is not clearly conscious. And take the time until May 13th to correct, improve or rectify any action or endeavor that caused you and others pain. Mercury meets with Chiron one more time so if you have not had the healing conversation yet with the people who you are in conflict or disagreement with, don't miss the chance to pacify and balance whatever relationship suffered in the past weeks. 

If you need more guidance and clarity about events which happened in your life during the past month,

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