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I am a Libra Ascendant, Sun in Libra and Moon in Sagittarius. 

 Pluto and Neptune are very strong in my chart, touching on almost all my planets.

These astrological signatures offer me great insight into what is hidden. I have developed since early a sensitivity for mystery and symbols. I found the best application for my personality in a counseling career. Trained as a clinical psychologist, I continued my education studying the entire array of psychotherapy schools and incorporating in my practice tools and insight from all available sources. My counseling style is rooted in mythology, history and philosophy.


Astrology enriches my ability to help my clients through its accurate and profound wisdom. Without it, the sessions are not as effective and impactful. In the same manner, an astrology reading is dry and too factual without the therapeutic perspective.

In a nutshell, I work with the person who needs my help. I offer practical advice based on their natal chart and a holding space for their turmoil, dreams and hopes. If you are in need of a listening year that can offer another perspective or help you solve the puzzle you find yourself in, go ahead and book a session with me. 

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