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Venus, the planet of love and beauty rules over two signs - Taurus and Libra. When Venus moves through its home sign, she is at its strongest capacity. Imagine how you are at home, in your safe space, how comfortable and peaceful you feel. So during April 29th through May 24th, themes under Venus' domain, like love, relationships, alliances, beauty, art, pleasure will be blessed with ease and abundance.

Another great news for us is that while the goddess of beauty is in her lush, earthy Taurean home, the other benefic, Jupiter, is sharing the same space. Watch for May 23rd when Venus will conjunct Jupiter, while also sextile Neptune. That day is the luckiest in matters of love, abundant in pleasure and hopefully great for the stock market. 

While Venus stays in Taurus, try to follow these guidelines and observe how your life blossoms:

  • enjoy the good life: healthy food, fine wine, music, art, jewelry, beautiful clothes;

  • at least once a day be in nature: gardening, walking, picking flowers;

  • celebrate your senses: massage, oils, love making;

  • touch what feels nice, wear soft, good quality fabrics;

  • go steady and slowly, as this is no time for rushing, but for enjoying the present;

  • strong physical contact, express your affection through hugging, touching, sex;

  • celebrate money and be materialistic;

  • focus on pleasure, comfort, harmony and quiet routines;

  • practice being patient and kind; 

  • observe and work through being possessive; oppressive, stubborn and greedy;

If you know what house you have Taurus in your astrological chart, you should expect in that area of life more connection and agreeable events, softness of hardship and opportunities for wealth. By practicing the above guidelines in the Taurus area of your chart, you will have a sense of being pampered, protected and able to attract what you desire. 

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