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What area of my life needs decluttering? ...New Moon in Virgo...

We live challenging times. When nature goes wild, we feel viscerally threatened. Very different from the emotional turmoil that can be hidden under the carpet or numbed with Netflix, weed or any distraction, when physical life is in danger, we become more aware of our powerlessness. We pray more to God, we check our resources, both inner and outer. We get into the work mood - a survival state that makes us efficient, practical and focused. We deal with the real stuff - while our inner monsters take a back sit until the weather gets calmer.

Of course there is that unstable energy that we call anxiety, traces of depression, a burning anger and frustration...but there is also humility. Hope and the kind of mental energy that wants to get things done. It is much easier to change and shift when danger comes from outside. We are, unfortunately motivated by fear, not happiness. We get bored when things run too smoothly and we swim in our dark waters. But in the work season, emotional life is less of a focus. The hands take over, as I like to say.

The outer events reflect just that - a season of getting down to earth and assessing how effective our lives are. With today's New Moon, we start a new monthly cycle of being practical and organised. Cleaning and cleansing, organizing, removing the weeds from our inner garden. Bad eating habits? Smoking, drinking? Procrastination, anger or playing the victim? They all can change. Because right now there are cosmic energies that support our cleansing process.

Watch your health - physical, emotional, financial. Make an inventory of what is useful, what inspires your growth. And on the next column write what is making you sick. Then change small things in your routine. Start with what is easy for you - I clean and declutter my house and my laptop. Then I build in my calendar for the month and plan my weeks. I have a goal on a weekly basis - in each part of my life that helps me grow. I keep it simple. Less is more.

By the next new moon (in Libra) I will look back and see how much I progressed. You can do it too. In your own way. Just keep taking small steps and stay organised. A lot of security and safety, huge emotional comfort can be found in achieving small goals. It is the best medication in the Virgo season.

Hence, when danger approaches, you will not be found unprepared. You will have savings, insurance, a good health, emotional balance. You will be aware of your good habits, your resilience and diligence. You will not be broken or lost.

***If you need help changing your unhealthy habits, give me a call. I can offer subtle and efficient tools like clinical hypnosis and therapeutic ways that will make your life easier.

***If you feel lost and need someone to help you see the big picture and tap into your resources, book a psychological astrology session. It works, it puts you back on track.

***And if you feel stuck and have no idea what to do, I have some easy, fun practices that will not only motivate you, but will make you feel closer to yourself.

Happy New Moon!

*** If you found my post useful, share it with your friends. We never know how much we can help only by keeping someone in our thoughts and sending them a gift.


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