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Time to Change Our Limiting Beliefs

Saturn-Neptune Square, The Major Astrological Event of 2016

Dear friends and clients, Happy New Year for 2016! This is going to be a very busy year, and the New Moon in earthy Capricorn, which took place on the 9th of January just set the tone right.

The significant influence in 2016 is the square (90 degrees aspect) between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. But before discussing the details, a few clarifications on what the transits are.

The natal chart is a map that can guide the astrologer and the person towards discovering potentials, strengths, patterns, character traits. The natal chart is fixed and has the qualities of the moment of birth. The expression of a natal chart is influenced by the degree of consciousness of the individual.

Transits (the movement of the planets relative to the natal chart) aspect all natal charts and they bring lessons, with distinct meanings. Being reflective and asking why and what meaning should be derived from different life circumstances (which always correspond to an astrological transit) can empower us to step aside unconscious choices and repetitive, difficult life patterns. Transits may include events, but many times their effect is subtle, felt inward. That is why many people would say they feel agitated during a full moon, more loving during a Venus transit and more active, spirited and inspired under a Mars transit. We are attuned to the energy of the stars.

Since the oldest time, as attested by the anthropological evidence, humans

organised their life according to the movements of the stars. Nowadays, in times when technical developments are so advanced and we don’t need the guidance of the stars and planets to control life, we turn to astrology to find meaning, to learn on a deeper level about ourselves, to become more aware and conscious of our life patterns.

In 2016, our faith, higher purpose, dreams and illusions will be tested by the harsh reality, both on a personal and a mundane level. As well, reality, through all its earthy, tangible forms will begin to dissolve. Material things that we rely on and never question their presence or availability may disappear like in a fog. In the astrological jargon, this is indicated by the square (90 degrees aspect) between Saturn in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces. No wonder in the past months the refugee crisis (Neptune also signifies compassion) challenged governments to open or close borders (Saturn), and water floods on many continents (Neptune) had swept away houses and innocent lives.

Both Saturn and Neptune are symbols for God, Saturn denoting the institutionalised religion and Neptune, the Oneness, so common a belief of those spiritually inclined. This dynamic aspect between the two planets challenges our understanding of God, after all, we need to accept reality for what it is – more people lost their lives in holy wars than in any other pursuits.

The Neptune-Saturn dance brings to our awareness, collectively the theme of envisioning a new order, together with the questions how healthy are our emotional boundaries and if they can be dissolved or transcended for a higher purpose?

Will the colour of our skin, our religion, tradition, gender or sexual preference, act as a defence against what we cannot accept? Saturn-Neptune square will indicate throughout this year that our collective soul is ready to ground and manifest a more flexible, encompassing belief structure.

On a personal, psychological level, the meeting of Saturn and Neptune in the sky may be experienced as the need to transcend boundaries, fearing loss of control, escaping responsibility and realising that living in the real world (Saturn) is different than pursuing one’s dream or vision (Neptune). Crystalized core beliefs need to dissolve as the energy of this time requires flexibility and adaptability. Contrary feelings and perceptions will be present and questions will arise:

  • how am I building in a time when things are dissolving,

  • how am I structuring when I feel the need to surrender,

  • how am I putting a structure around my faith that will no longer reject but include,

  • how am I being spiritual and at the same time pay all my bills?

The pull and push of 2016, between Saturn as the manifesting, reality principle and Neptune as the non-attachment and transcending energy can be summarised in the following words:

Saturn: Focus, Ground, Build, Mature, Regulate, Get real, Discipline

Neptune: Accept, Trust, Let go, Surrender, Dissolve, Erode, Escape

If you are interested in a more in-depth, personal exploration of these energies, you can look back and see what happened in your life in 1989, 1998/99 and 2004/05 when the two planets were in close aspect.

Some mundane facts linked with Saturn/Neptune transit:

  • In 1989, when the two planets were conjunct (0 degrees), the Berlin wall (Saturn) came down, followed by the dissolution of the communist political regime in countries of Eastern Europe.

  • In 1998, when the two planets were in a square (90 degrees), the Second Congo War started, in which more than 3.9 million people were killed.

  • In 2005/6, when Saturn opposed Neptune (180 degrees) Hurricane Katrina destroyed a part of New Orleans while other major floods happened around the world.

Astrological advice. In 2016, we need to be flexible, adaptable and to pay attention on how much we are influenced by the environment. As well, we should be mindful of how we affect our environment, our families and friends.

This year the majority of planets will be located in mutable signs (Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo) which imply a continuous flow and exchange inward-outward. Even the most Scorpionic person (Scorpio is considered to be the most fixed sign) may be more influenced than usual. Breath, keep your soul and mind clean and just remember that change is everywhere.

This article is a general one. Find out what important lessons this transit will bring for you and what resources can be applied to maximise its effect. Book now a session in person or skype with one click here.

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