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Aquarius Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

One of my friends has a pronounced Aquarian energy in her natal chart. She is very friendly, knows people from all social levels, is admired and respected by many. She is popular. A good, humanitarian soul, she is extremely creative in finding solutions to problems in a fast manner. She is full of surprises and what I admire the most is her ingenuity. With Uranus conjunct her MC (the angle in the chart that signifies public status), she stands out in every crowd, as eccentric and sometimes an outcast. Obviously, in her personal life, she practices unattachment. Although never alone, always surrounded by people or new dates, her heart is starving. Starving for connection, for intimacy. Rarely, when she allows someone to get close enough, the fear of rejection is so big that she shuts down, being the first to reject. Unconsciously, her heart forms an icy crust and the friendly, genuine person become aloof and emotionally obtuse.

This is a simple description that can help us understand this coming Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. During a lunar eclipse, the light of the moon is partially covered because the Earth stands between the Moon and the Sun. It is a time of darkness, a few days good to go deeper into ourselves, to meet the unconscious way we react emotionally. With the Moon in Aquarius, we may face that our defenses have the taste of shutting down, blocking others when we feel hurt. We may see rationalization and friendliness as ways of coping with rejection. Not connecting, not getting messy in matters of the heart is a great protection mechanism.

This eclipse happens with the Moon by the South Node - in astrology, this signifies our attachment to past behavior, to conditioned responses that may have served long ago but now impede our growth. We may become aware of how our inertia, remaining stuck in an aloof reaction stands in the way of personal fulfillment.

Eclipses are portals of change. If this eclipse touches any of the planets or angles in your chart, you have a great opportunity to realize shifts in consciousness. You can outgrow your old, rigid way of reacting. Understanding why we react in a certain way and changing that behavior is two different things. In therapy, many people know they act in a non-adaptive way but can't change. The timing has to be ripe. In Eclipse season, that time is now. If you feel it's your time to make a shift, use the Aquarian tool: objectivity. Survey the territory of the problem as an outsider. Climb above; be willing to see things fresh. Once inspired, go with confidence, clearing the old by doing what never before was done.

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