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Mars square Saturn, (3 deg. Taurus - 3 deg. Aquarius) | 13 January 2021

Mars is exactly square Saturn today, so it may feel like we are stretched to the limits. Today is great to discover how strong you are. Whatever you are dealing with, you will push through and although uncomfortable, it is a great day to learn to relax in our resistance.

Imagine you have to push an immovable object. You apply all your force and ideas, but nothing changes. You get frustrated, agitated, even angry or you tell yourself you are not good enough, you are useless, a failure.

After a few failed attempts and lots of emotional turmoil, you decide to accept that things will not turn out the way you want.

And that is where magic happens. When you accept, you let go of your expectations and there is more space inside your mind and heart. Maybe you decide to have faith. Maybe you focus on something else. Maybe you embrace yourself and say better times will come.

And without knowing, during these heavy times we build intelligence. We grow in ways that are beyond our awareness. We become wiser, more philosophical. We detach from immediate reward, from control and develop a more authentic connection with our own soul. Through these hard times we learn to trust ourselves.


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