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Jupiter square Uranus (6 deg. Aquarius - 6 deg. Taurus) | January 14th 2021

The past few days have been very unpredictable and intense due to the square between Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. You might have experienced an increase in freedom seeking energy, a strong need to break free and move forward in a different way. The sky reflected a risk taking energy and explosion of radical or unconventional ideas or experiences.

Mars is approaching Uranus and will add more spice, energy and fire to this already expansive and unpredictable desire for change. It's a great time to shift from the attitudes, beliefs or behaviours that have kept us stuck, too complacent. Because we may be too prone to drastic and extreme decisions, we might regret or review our choices later in February when Mercury will move retrograde through the same degrees of the zodiac.

Based on our personality, this time may be very progressive and useful, for those who need to move ahead, but it could also bring destruction and separateness for those who will act too impulsively under the pressure of change. After the stagnation we experienced collectively last year, these times show an exaggeration of the need to break free from any internal or external constriction. However, soon Saturn will join Uranus and that is when we will work through the consequences of these radical changes.


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