I practice a highly effective client oriented therapy, specially developed to help you understandintegrate and transform your limitative beliefs, emotional distress, internal oppositions, and maladaptive behaviours.


Psychotherapy is very similar to any solution oriented process.

We will focus on: 

  • identifying the problem: What's wrong?

  • finding an outcome goal or the desired change in your behaviour What do you want?

  • understanding the obstacle What stops you?

  • finding resources  What skills or strengths have you demonstrated in the past?

Adult and Child Psychotherapy

Revealing hidden dynamics within the family or organisation
Using constellations, the difficult and invisible dynamics that work in families, perhaps over many generations, can be revealed.


Hidden dynamics within any individual or in any social system can block it flourishing and achieve its purpose.


Constellation work can help to shift the blockages by uncovering the reality that is a significant step to the healing of traumas, even those that go back through generations. 

Systemic and Family Constellations
Astrological Counselling

Astrology as a counselling tool has the effect of broadening the perspective of the client and expand lateral thinking.


Its final aim is to integrateto use each aspect of the psyche, to understand each behaviour and not to interpret, to balance opposites, to find resources within ourselves, to appeal to intuition and the right brain when language and rational cause-effect lose their power. 


The questions I ask my clients are astrology based, and they work wonders: What makes you shine? Where do you feel your inner strength comes from? What colour has your fear? What is the part of your body that signals this imbalance? 


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Alina resonated with my troubled soul and helped me find peace and quiet. I thank her from the bottom of my heart, me and my family are grateful for her help.



- MC, general anxiety disorder

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