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Words That Enchant

Today's transit: Mercury conjunct Neptune 27deg Pisces.

Mercury and Neptune meet once a year by conjunction. It lasts one day to an exact degree but the energy is so powerful that we feel it especially the days before. Today both planets meet at 27 deg Pisces.

Next year it will be the last time Mercury and Neptune meet in the sign of Pisces for another 165 years. In mythology, Neptune is the God of the sea.

In a horoscope, it can describe "where we are thirsty", as insightful astrologer Sue Tompkins expressed. Neptune shows where we are always longing for more, where we are never satisfied. It is the part of us that causes floods or droughts, that can create flow, rivers or earthquakes.

The sea as Neptune's territory is a symbol for being unfathomable, enigmatic, boundless.

Neptune's transits often feel like a defeated man is lost at sea; the water's danger and vastness, its constant directionless movement are usually being underestimated. 

In Pisces, this mighty God is at home, as it is the traditional ruler of the sign. It speaks to us through imagination; through persistent escapism tendencies using substances or beliefs; through music or any artistic muse. 

Mercury is a trickster. A thief. In mythology, on his first day of life he went out to steal Apollo's cattle. Mercury is the planet of mischief. Its motivation is boredom and its magic is ingenuity.

Mercury in the horoscope describes what we think about, what we talk about and how we communicate. Today, while these two Gods come together, anything can happen.

If these are alive in you and their power is being shown, use it for good. Dive deep into your imaginal world, into the ocean of feelings and show us all what mysteries are hidden there.

But if you meet these two Gods at the corner of a street, and they lure you...don't be surprised if you end up drunk by the end of the night, with your wallet stolen or your heart enamored with a phantasm. 

Do you have any Mercury Neptune contact in your natal chart?

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