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Lies have nothing to do with astrology, although if you are not an experienced astrologer who has had enough consultations and worked with enough people to learn something about human nature, you may conclude certain signs and planets show a proclivity for deceit. 

But I think it is worth the thought and the conversation, since the planet of love, alliances and relationships moves in the chatty, social sign of Gemini. I associate Gemini energy with messages, words and spreading of news. It is the broadcaster of the zodiac, the sales agent, the transportation agent, sometimes the student or the teacher. Sometimes many planets in Gemini could reflect on a talented thief, someone very good with their hands. 

Back to my question - why do we lie?

Why do we lie to our friends, partners, parents, bosses? Why do we lie on social media? Why do we lie to our therapist? Why do we lie to ourselves?

Why do we find ourselves saying the truth to a stranger, someone who we may have randomly met on a beach or a party, someone we may never see again?

While Venus is in the easy going, friendly and noncommittal sign of Gemini, from May 24th to June 16th, you may want to reflect, think, journal about how many lies you say during each day. And the purpose of this is not to stop lying and to say the truth - but only to reflect logically, to reason over something we do every single day. To become self aware, to gather the strength of awareness so that before the next lie we have a few seconds of pause and slow breathing which can allow our consciousness to choose an alternative route. 

We lie through words mostly. Our actions are part unconscious so if you look carefully you can see some truth in them. But we do use words consciously to lie, for a variety of reasons. 

So if you are going to embark on the painful and maddening process of living from a place of honesty, start this work by becoming aware of the words you use and practice changing them. It is the smallest step you can take and if done every day, very soon you will become a more aware person. 

Now, if you are aware and you lie and do it well, channel that in writing a fantasy novel. Make a movie. Communicate all that deception creatively through a medium known by all as a fantasy. look at AI for example  - it is fake. It is a lie. And soon enough it will be everywhere and we will engage it in every task we do. 

But everyone is suffering because of our lies. Our past is built on lies, our identities are falling apart because of lies and our future - our children  - learn to lie. 

It is a luxury nowadays to be honest, not many can afford it. Learning honesty usually comes after a deep loss, after we have blown up all the things we took for granted. Then staying honest could feel terribly lonely. Other times, being honest is imperative for our mental health, although we are labeled by others as crazy. 

Honesty may be too pricey, but self awareness is not. Practicing mindfulness when we talk with ourselves and others, when we communicate is possible. 

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