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Jupiter in Gemini (May 25th, 2024 — June 9th, 2025)

Considered to be the planet of faith and blessings, Jupiter moves through the zodiac in a twelve years cycle. By transit through our natal chart it activates growth and expansion.

Jupiter will show what you believe in, your worldview, the image of your “God”. It is the planet of moral judgements, representing the attitude “pay it forward”. Its purpose is to increase and elevate, to expand in order to incorporate. Jupiter will always expand your horizons, and the experiences we go through while Jupiter is touching our natal planets are meant to broaden our outlook on life so that we become more humane.

Every year Jupiter will change signs, bringing its blessings and bigness to other parts of your life. You can see the pattern by following its movement through your chart and looking back 12 or 24 or 36 years before. You will probably see a theme repeating itself.

As I write this post, Jupiter just moved into Gemini, after being in Taurus, an earth sign. For the past 12 months those of you with planets in Taurus experienced growth and changes that probably involved more traveling, studying, shifts in your belief system and faith. Now it’s time for Geminis to upgrade their life, according to the astrological house touched by Jupiter.

Collectively, Jupiter will expand Gemini type of activities (air) — easy sharing of ideas — broadcasting — social involvement — intellectual exploration — artificial intelligence — transportation — commerce. Whether or not you have planets in Gemini, you will see the evolution of these topics in your life.

Being an air sign, Gemini is not strong in its connection to the body or emotions, therefore we may collectively distance ourselves from feeling too much — and increase the process of rationalization in order to process what we are going through. I suppose we will see an explosion of apps and social tools that will allow everyone to have a voice and connect on the surface with other people.

Jupiter in Gemini will bring an increase in curiosity and having multiple alternatives to choose from. A scaling up of “duality” may be visible during the next twelve months, an avoidance of commitment, and a scattered type of energy may become even more mainstream.

Positive expression: faith, reliance on higher power or greater plan, openness to grace, optimism, openness for self’s need for improvement.

Negative expression: overconfidence, laziness, scattering energy, leaving the work to others, irresponsibility, over-extending self or promising too much.

If you are curious to know more about your Jupiter placement and how to align with purpose and grow different parts of your life, go ahead and book a consultation here.

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