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Updated: May 6

New Moon in Taurus, 18 deg, conjunct Uranus and sextile Saturn, May 7th 2024

A New Moon represents the dark time of the month when inception takes place. Based on the rhythm and movement of the Moon in the sky, a new beginning occurs every 28 days. Each beginning finds fruition at the Full Moon of the same sign, six months later. This constant pattern of the Moon creates a helpful calendar that could serve as a cosmic guidance to our lives. 

Every May we have a New Moon in Taurus. This is a time for creating strength and solidifying an aspect of our life which varies according to where we have Taurus in our natal chart. This new beginning is colored by the taurean traits - being in the present moment, focusing on simplicity and pragmatism.

As Taurus is associated with ease, comfort and material wealth, this new beginning points towards creating more durability and sustenance to our material resources and to the aspects of our lives we strongly value. 

This particular New Moon activates the point of the Jupiter Uranus conjunction in Taurus which took place on April 20th. It acts as a trigger or activation point for a major breakthrough or major breakpoint which we may have experienced a few weeks ago.

Standing between Saturn, the old, the traditional, the authority - and Uranus, the new, the awakener and the rebellious, this New Moon is an invitation to use the lessons of the past in order to create a more conscious and awakened future. 

The energy is optimistic, with faith in the available abundance of nature and access to natural resources. Taurus is a fertile spring sign, offering to our consciousness a sense of possibility through focus on what is available, in the here and now. We ought to build now by applying ourselves through steady actions, slower speed and increased presence. This is no time for fantasizing or reminiscing; it is pure earthy action oriented and applied to a specific material goal.

If a crisis stands in the way, the strategy is to narrow down and create action which is smaller than the bigger outcome, following up and attending every day to what is available and possible for us. The work required is not psychological or spiritual, but very matter of fact and sensible, unsentimental. Taurus is a creature of burden which knows that happiness is achieved through accumulation, through enjoying the work required. 

Taurus energy finds its joy in living a peaceful, simple life. Conservation and amassing are required now in contrast with spreading too thin, in many directions. If you are confused or feel stuck, use the energy of the New Moon to identify what is the simplest possible and available resource for you at the moment and apply slow and steady action to building and growing on those elements.

Your efforts will bear fruit and you will reap the benefits in six month from now at the Full Moon in Scorpio, on November 15th 2024, when the Moon will be exactly conjunct Uranus again, showing that change and reform are growing in your life.  

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