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Venus in Pisces (March 12th - April 4th 2024)

Venus is the planet of love, it represents the attraction principle in astrology. It shows what we like and dislike, what we are attracted to and it acts as a softener on rougher energies. She was Aphrodite to the Greeks, and her divine duty was to make love and encourage others to do the same. She represents the archetype of union, alliance in contrast to discord or conflict. 

Sue Tompkins writes about the goddess: "Aphrodite's constant companions included doves, sparrows and the three Graces - Aglaia (radiance and splendor), Euphrosyne (joy and merriment) and Thalia (abundant cheerfulness). The Graces were always charming, gentle, polite, graceful."

The Venus principle in our natal chart reflects our capacity to appreciate beauty & the world around us. Venus shows where and how we get pleasure out of life, what gives us joy and makes us happy. Venus is the cosmic peacemaker, her offensive being her charm. 

Venus in Pisces, either nataly or by transit is a very romantic, idealistic placement. Pisces dissolves boundaries, so this is a time when we may lose ourselves in relationships. Losing or surrendering the self, sacrifice and devotion are themes of this period. Libras, Taurus and Pisces are the most affected signs during this period so if a new love or business union starts under this transit, the person needs to discern from what is real and what seems to be  a perfect partner/relationship.

However, with Venus in Pisces there is a tendency of staying non-committal or keeping a relationship platonic, due to the attraction towards an idealized, spiritual or universal love. The reality of a relationship may be too crass, lacking sensitivity and refinement, which Venus in Pisces keeps alive by avoiding too much mundane input.

With this transit we have to be careful with miss-reading love for rescue or martyrdom. A business alliance which starts during this time has to be balanced by clarity and clear protocols. Expectations have to be discussed and agreed upon. The danger of self delusion is profound and subtle.

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