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Venus in Aquarius (February 16th - March 11th 2024)

If you are born with this placement, your friends become lovers & lovers become friends. For you, love is synonymous with friendship. You need companionship and exchange with people who seem refreshingly different, unique. Although very friendly by nature, you also come across as possibly aloof or uninterested. That is because you do not follow conventional laws for romance, nor common roles in love.

You might become quite detached and play the lone wolf while in a relationship. Independence is a major theme with every planet in Aquarius, so the choice of lovers will be done in a particularly unique way, not caring about social or family rules, creed, race or class. The sexiest trait you find in people is sincerity. Sincerity in expressing who they are, being candid even with the risk of alienating others. Emotional intensity makes you feel uncomfortable. What attracts you is a cool, detached, un-possessive exchange of ideas.

If you are familiar with your chart, where you have Aquarius, things will get better for the next three weeks. Attraction levels increase, you will find more support & opportunities. If things have been hard lately, that area of life will become balanced.


This time might reflect new radical trends in fashion or arts. Socially there might be focus on inclusion, diversity and integrating in the mainstream elements that have been considered outcast or different.

Peace between people and nations could be reached through unconventional and experimental decisions. At the same time, extremism & rebelliousness can be employed in the search for peace & harmony. New social movements may evolve to promote individualism, freedom or fairness.

A lack of emotional closeness may spread collectively during this time. Affection could be expressed using technology while people are at a distance from each other. We may experience a gap between emotion and body on one side and the mental life on the other, something like "stuck in your head" phenomena. This may not be a great time for affection and warmth, but it will advance social freedom.

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