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In astrology, the Cancerian archetype symbolizes the part within us that emotes - that arouses intense feelings. If you have planets in Cancer in your natal chart, these express themselves as personality traits that approach life on gut instinct, through behaviors and actions that may seem irrational to more airy types.

Our Cancer planets mirror raw feelings and the native will not be embarrassed to express both affections and aversions. Ruled by the Moon, our Cancer planets ebb and flow, while they teach us how to embrace internal unpredictability. The Moon changes sign and phase every two and a half days, giving the Cancer person a trait of changeability based on moods and instincts. Through its cyclic and consistent shift, the Moon represents one of the principles of rhythm in the universe. We know about the clockwork regularity of the tides, as well as the Moon regulating women’s menstrual cycle ("mens" means moon).

Therefore, each July when there is a New Moon in the sign of Cancer, a new seed is planted that stems from our connection to Mother Earth, from our mysterious bond with the Moon and the fertile energy of Water. As I write this post, the home I made for myself, Jamaica is purified by abundant waters, through Beryl, a hurricane that could have hit harder and caused a lot of destruction on its path. In linking astrological signs with biblical evolution, Aries represents big-bang creationism, Taurus expresses Edenic delight, Gemini symbolizes “the fall,” and Cancer is the flood. As the only cardinal (initiatory) water (emotion) sign in the zodiac, Cancer personifies that rush of water, that matriarchal source, spring, or swelling river that is generative and mostly fertile.

The storm is an apt symbol for the force of the Cancerian energy - sometimes our feelings unravel with catastrophic consequences. Fear as a modus operandi and strategy to survive is very known to Cancers. They master life by finding the proper sensible distance from the fear of being exposed or crushed. That is why most Cancer people become hardened, their shell is tough and designed to endure torrents of emotions. Or, if we look at another symbol for Cancer - the pearl - it is the actual chaos of the watery (emotional) environment, the daily grind of sea and sand, that forms this symbol of purity and perfection within the soft underbelly of the oyster.

The new beginning we are creating at this time has roots in our past, in the forgotten memories that continue to live within our bodies. Our gut will move us towards action, while our feelings will reflect the path. The area of life where you generate new life now is shown by the Cancer house of your natal chart.

There is not much to do more than feel, you could try to create some structure through conceptualizing your emotions, but that will only distract you from the real flow.

At this time, allow the waters of your body and those surrounding you, your ocean, your rivers, the rain, the tears to guide you towards what needs to start fresh. Be with your emotions, listen to them, see what feelings emerge and with complete trust in the darkness of the Moon, create your path. In six months from now, at the next Full Moon in Cancer (January 13th, 2025) you will see how your seeds grew into a life affirming structure. 


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