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Mars in Pisces (March 23rd to April 29th 2024)

Mars is the planet of “What I want”.

Named after the Roman god of war, Mars will fight for what it wants and will do anything to win. It is the part of you that activates each time someone hurts you, crosses your boundaries, disrespects your values or bullies someone you love.

Mars is anger. It is force, passion which seeks instant gratification. When a client speaks about depression, I look at the condition of Mars. What sign, house or transit affects our Mars will show why we feel weak, why we procrastinate and what victory strategies we use. Mars wants to win. Mars is happy, you are energetic and full of zest when you have small or big wins.

When Mars moves into another sign, every 7 weeks, the manner in which we go after what we want changes. If you are a Pisces, you feel invigorated. Its like being gifted a race car that you will drive for the next two months. If you are an Aries, your ruler Mars moving into a water sign will frustrate you, because you need to change gears. You can’t win anymore by being direct; you win by testing the waters. If you are a Scorpio, since Mars is your traditional ruler, your psychic abilities will increase. You don’t need to research so much anymore, your gut feeling will know who is a friend or a foe.

In Pisces, Mars can express itself as a storm at sea, as a nebulous fog or as sharks swimming underneath a calm and gentle water. You will go after what you want by working with your environment, and working means psychically tapping into it. Your actions are going to be strong but indirect. You will play a role, acting as the situation requires, blending in with your circumstances. You will move like a fish in the water, sometimes attacking, sometimes hiding from danger, telepathically moving with the current.

When you get what you want, it may feel though as if it slipped through your fingers. As if waking up from a dream, you realize the goal you worked so hard to achieve is not alluring anymore. Rose color glasses off, you wonder if all was a phantasm. You have done the work though, shifting through all those feelings and states and moods, you come out of it as a magician. Metamorphosis is the natural weapon for Mars in Pisces.

While Mars is in the sign of Pisces, or if you have Mars in Pisces in your natal chart, try to avoid these tactics:

  1. Escapism. Expressing your anger in a passive aggressive way. Manipulating the feelings of the ones around you.

  2. Creating chaos as a way to control others. Identifying with the victim or martyr.

  3. Avoid confusion and disorientation by managing your addictions.

  4. Planning is good for you. Follow up and follow through with tasks and goals. This will increase your self esteem.

  5. Avoid extremism and oversensitivity. Find a way to express the psychic energy you feel through dance, singing, painting, martial arts, swimming, sports.

  6. Avoid inaction, vagueness and giving up . These will not bring you closer to your goal.

  7. Spiritual manifestation of goals could be a bypass and an avoidance tactic if you do not show up for what you want.

  8. Dreaming for it is not enough.

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