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Sun enters Aries, Spring Equinox (March 20th - April 18th, 2024)

The time when the Sun moves into Aries marks the beginning of the astrological year, the start of a new Sun cycle around the zodiac. Astrology is seasonal and its origins are agricultural. Far from being a psychic or magical tool, astrology is mostly practical. Without astrology and the wise people to interpret the movement of the planets, we would not be so advanced today. The movement of the Sun and how it reflected onto daily life and natural cycles helped our ancestors grow their crops, create tools and build their cities. Nowadays, we don't need astrology so matter of fact; but receiving its guidance may prove very useful for our mental health and wellbeing. 

The Sun is celebrated in the sign of Aries. Festivals were hosted, they were called "Hilaria", a Latin term which means "the cheerful ones". In antiquity, Hilaria were devoted to general rejoicing and public sacrifices (to different Gods), and no one was allowed to show any symptoms of grief or sorrow. The Spring Equinox encouraged the practice of joy and gratitude. A few thousands years later, our seasons are shifting, our beautiful planet is dying and there is no God to pray to. And still, with Spring coming, the cheerful call to life is being awakened in us. 

Growing up in a country where seasons are markers of change, Spring has always felt like a renewal of hope. It was not the weather becoming warmer which made me smile more often, but seeing the green of nature take over the muddy white of an overstayed winter.  Aries season is appealing to me because of its fragility. While popular astrology speaks of Aries traits as bold, impulsive and direct - I find Aries to be delicate and brave. Think of the impulse for life, in those uncertain natural conditions - breaking through the frost, surviving hours of cold winds, kneeling to the random rains and gathering strength from the rays of sunshine. 

Imagine being the seedling, an unstoppable force propels you upwards, towards the light. A birth, an explosion of life, not orchestrated by you but happening onto you is pushing you forward. You feel that energy, it's beyond optimism or excitement, its pure life force. If you know where Aries falls in your birth chart, that is the area of life where you are ready for a new spring, for a start. 

Learn from the Aries archetype to have your eyes on a goal and push through whatever blockage you encounter in your way. Connect with your courage and bring something new to life. Don't overthink.

Just do it. Don't concern yourself with the result. Be brave and break the frost!

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