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Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, March 17th 2024

The main motivating need of Pisces is unity. This can happen through a series of attitudes and behaviors. Transcending the feeling and state of separation can happen through a spiritual practice; through art (music, painting, ecstatic dance), through an emotional state as forgiveness or bliss; through substances as alcohol or psychedelics. What Pisces prompts is the experience of oneness. 

The Sun expresses the functions of self-expression, will, and identity. It illuminates presently the sign of Pisces, creating more awareness around the need for unity, compassion, peace and wholeness. Collectively we are guided to look at the state of the matter and feel the polarization and division present in our lives. The Sun in Pisces invites us to exercise our will towards unity.

A healthy Sun in Pisces expression will create art that brings people together, for example music that elicits an emotional and spiritual connection. An unhealthy Sun in Pisces expression will use escapism as a method to reconnect with a state of bliss, while in fact the actions undertaken create denial and avoidance. 

Neptune, the modern ruler of Pisces, delivers the function of transcendence. Longing or yearning is one manifestation of how Neptune acts. Similar to the Piscean motivation of unity, Neptune creates a desire to go beyond the separate self and unite with something more meaningful, more encompassing. 

On March 17th The Sun and Neptune meet in the sign of Pisces. A few days before and after the "mood" will be colored by the need to transcend the crass reality, to retire into an imaginal world that soothes those parts or aspects we are not able to cope with at the moment.

Now, we are asked to surrender, to relinquish an attachment, or allow something to end. We all need to cultivate an attitude of "let go and let God"; to practice having faith. We may also experience states that are quite emotional or spiritual, boundaries dissipate when Neptune is involved. Impressions will be stronger than at other times and we may either retire in a fantasy world, or flow with the waves of psychic energy within and around us. 

When Neptune connects with the Sun, our energy and vitality is lower. This may translate as a state of psychological weariness and inability to cope with the world. However the way to cope is to cooperate with events as they unfold. Without resistance, as if the Personal Self becomes part and is devoted to the Universal Self.

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