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Suffering and Love are Universal

Sun, Mercury, Saturn triple conjunction in Pisces, February 28th 2024

From water, all life comes, says the Koran. Pisces, as a water sign symbolizes the unity with life itself. Pisces follows Aquarius, the sign focused on community, groups and equality between folks. Pisces takes the aquarian drive towards inclusion further and deeper, and creates the consciousness of unity, a spiritual state of interdependence with all that surrounds us, through time and space.

At this moment the sky reflects that our focus is drawn, even if unconsciously towards this state of oneness. A triple conjunction occurs above us, an alignment of three planets which meet at the same degree in the zodiac: the Sun, Mercury and Saturn. They blend into each other at 9 degrees Pisces, mirroring the possibility of another shift in collective consciousness. Seeing this aspect from a very hopeful and positive stance, this energy reflects on the possibility that most of us will sense and feel connected with everything around us, while becoming painfully (Saturn) aware of the destruction that our selfishness and crass individuality creates.

Out of the three, Saturn is the stronger planet, however when it is absorbed in the light and power of the Sun (cazimi), it tends to express itself in a very conscious way. An unconscious Saturn acts from a sense of doubt, insecurity or impotence. Representing the planet of what we fear, Saturn acts out as we blindly try to cope with our complexes by overcompensating, attempting to prove that we are masters of our lives.

But this hopeful encounter between the Sun and Saturn could display a deep sense of sorrow and a radical acceptance that transforms into responsibility, in contrast with overcompensation.

Mercury, the analytical part of ourselves symbolizing the mind and our communication talents, is the messenger of this powerful alignment. Mercury in Pisces, through its empathetic and telepathic discourse will make it possible for us to understand, express and share the impactful consequences of our past actions. Being more aware of the suffering within and around us, we may connect with our humility. And in the stillness of this attitude of submission, we may be able to create change.

When I think of repair and healing, Pisces consciousness brings forth the tools of acquiescence and devotion. A complete surrendering to the existent chaos, and the action of redemption. Pisces also highlights the power to serve, to unconditionally love everything and everyone.

Saturn in Pisces may bring to surface anxiety and fear because the personal boundaries have to be dissolved for the complete surrender to happen. But I ponder on the question or the thought — now that the idea of God got so diluted and worse, became a part of the personal will and therefore personal ego, what do we surrender to and what do we devote ourselves to, with the hope that reparation and salvation happens? Can Saturn with its cold reality check make us all humble enough to create repair to those people and beings we harmed?

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