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Saturn and Jupiter - The Great Conjunction

The Great Conjunction denotes a meeting between expansive Jupiter and cautious Saturn. This alignment happens every 20 years and it marks changes in the collective. In astrology, Saturn and Jupiter are called social planets, their cycles reflect generational shifts, collective preferences and new developments in culture, belief systems and lifestyle. On the winter solstice, December 21st, Jupiter and Saturn meet at 0 degree Aquarius. After having met for over 240 years in the element of Earth, their re-union shifts the human outlook towards the element of Air - towards the progressive futuristic Aquarius.

2020 started with Sun-Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12, opening up the deconstruction of our society as we knew it and finishes with the start of a new growth cycle relative to economic, social, and cultural development. The last time these two planets met in Aquarius was 1405, the beginning of a century that ended the Middle Ages and opened up the Early Renaissance and the Early Modern Period. Many writers on the web associate this cosmic alignment with the beginning of the Aquarian age, foreseeing a new direction within the human consciousness. One thing is certain - we are experiencing a huge shift, probably from materialism and consumerism towards unlocking further more the secrets of the mind and space. Aquarius is a fixed air sign, reflective of futuristic and unconventional paths. Nontraditional, weird and nonconformist might be words that will color the next 20 years. What is tradition, known, regulated and socially accepted (capricorn) will undergo massive transformations while new reforms and revolutions will take place.

While the last Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Libra (between 1981 and 2000) mirrored massive communication developments due to the fast upgrade of technology, this new cycle might reach further into space travel, normalizing AI and creating a global society that functions as an unit. Individualism might rise stronger, as a compensation to the state control. We might experience the shift into a global humanity that values freedom of action for each individual, no matter of race, wealth, status or gender. The laws of nature that presently guide our understanding of life might change with rapid pace while new discoveries and inventions take place in the next 20 years.

Saturn and Jupiter together consider tests of faith, as Saturn restricts and restrains the enthusiasm and magnanimous quality of Jupiter. Similarly the saturnian principles of order, structure and responsibility are enlarged and expanded by Jupiter. We could argue that when these two forces join in Aquarius, they might create a new understanding or philosophy of freedom, equality and a re-invention of common law. Basically any structural component of society that applies to all of us can be redefined, through the advancement of artificial intelligence. We might witness the expansion of free education, falling of classism and a new sense of fellowship and humanity.

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