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Sagittarius New Moon Solar Eclipse - December 14th, 2020

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

A Solar Eclipse is the experience of shadow, of light being swallowed by darkness. The Moon obscures the light of the Sun. But I do not understand what it means, I have to search deeper.

My love for words naturally questions the primary meaning, so I look for the Greek roots - 'ekleipsi' - in translation 'abandonment'. I sit quietly, breathing, while the word abandonment pours over me its powerful energy. It is my main fear. It is in my opinion the primal fear. I see a toddler with no capacity of surviving without the support of an adult, and imagine the chaos, the paralyzing fear that takes over one in such a vulnerable state. Abandonment is an archetypal terror that no matter of age, status, gender or wealth takes over us. It is the main source of any psychological defense mechanism. It is the motivation for survival or the desire for death. I imagine that without the fear of abandonment so deeply rooted in our limbic system we would all be what spiritual people call Light Beings.

I stare at the hills while writing these words and imagine how humans felt during solar eclipses. When there was no separation between us and nature, when all was 'participation mystique', I imagine how scared they must have felt when the light of the Sun would disappear from the sky. How that magical and weird experience would change their lives, influence their faith, their beliefs. How songs and prayers and myths would be told, as a desperate measure of making sense, of feeling safe. And my inquisitive mind can't stop wondering - is this the reason why mankind disconnected, why we chose fear over faith? Could be that our need for control and safety, and therefore need for power developed from this cosmic abandonment? Or was shadow always there, within as without - and eclipses reflect to us and create the right auspicious moments for inner work?

Eclipses nowadays mean nothing to us. Although we don't know the astronomical phenomenon, we can always ask google for info. Their magic is lost. Social media is creating sensational around them out of a narcissistic wound, not because they would matter. Little do we know how powerful they are. Almost two weeks ago, under a lunar eclipse so much happened in my friends and clients lives. Death, separation, crisis, emotional and psychological breakdowns...I witness all and make a note of these cosmic waves. I have been on edge these weeks, having nightmares almost every night, being connected with an archetypal world that drains my little human self.

In a few days when the Moon and the Sun align again on the south node, more will be set in motion. Happening at 23degrees Sagittarius, conjunct Mercury, trine Mars - the eclipse will create opportunities for immense release. A reset is possible around our worldviews and beliefs, what shapes our reality and why we believe what we believe. A standstill that can open a new path towards taking a risk and exploring new territories, new paradigms, while forcefully purging from our consciousness the familiar ways through which we understand life, the universe and ourselves.

For all of us, next weeks and months could be a time of abandoning self righteousness, of stepping away from the holier-than-thou attitude; working towards inclusion, while shedding the superiority that one is better than other. The world is so divided right now, and this is not due to politics or religion. We deflect through those, while the core of this dystopia is the fear that we are not enough. We compensate, creating false identities, joining a race that is not ours, trading love for power, confusing connection with competition. All we want is to be accepted, validated, heard, seen. We don't even question if the audience we need around has any shared values or perspectives. We crave the high. And this fiery, passionate eclipse will point towards all we exchange with our environment. Will show us where we lack aliveness, inspiration, where our beliefs are poisoning the flow of life. And hopefully in true Sagittarius manner we will learn to explore more and take the risk of not knowing, of being nobody.


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