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New Moon in Libra, October 16th 2020

New Moons are times for beginnings, for creating change, for growth. And the cosmos teaches us that we have this opportunity every 28 days. So I ask myself why, with this amazing calendar around us - why do we always seem to fail? Why do we choose the rigor, the prison of what we know best, why do we remain unconscious and blind veiled by what culture, society, politics, or others want of us? We seem to believe that who we are is what others think of us. And we please, adapt, stretch, we get poisoned with traits, qualities, images we enact without even questioning the purpose of all these.

I walk on the streets of Kingston and I hear this message that makes sadness grow inside me. I step barefoot on the beach while big white fancy boats scream the same ugliness. I breathe through my judgement, I know it's beyond color, race, wealth. I try to stay neutral, but I can't. Rage is growing in me, it is unjust to scream ugliness through music, to show case sex as primitive and animalic, to use power, the same power of intimidation that punished women for thousands of years - to coerce the fitting in. And yes, it is a way of expressing life and culture, a way of learning about each other. But there are so many other ways. And I say this here, because this New Moon in Libra, whatever pop culture wants to make of it, it is about WORDS. Cardinal Air, the words we speak into the world. The thoughts we bring into manifestation through our words, the quality of our spoken language, the tone of voice, the attitude behind it, the integrity of our mind, heart, actions - all of this is who we are.

This New Moon is a serious one. Our foundation has been shaken so much this year, the functional pillars that kept our structures safe and strong need to change, according to our true values. The WORDS we speak, the message we sent into the world has consequences beyond our awareness. How we listen to others, how we stay mindful and curious through all the messages we hear shapes our understanding of the world. Too often we misread, misinterpret everything so we keep the cognitive safety intact. What is alien to our beliefs, to our ways seems threatening. But is it though? And during this time, a new moon in cardinal air while Mercury, the planet of the mind and words is journeying through the dark waters of Scorpio unleashing taboos and hidden elements we are meant to create a more conscious communication, more harmony between our thoughts, words and actions.

We are not the riches we own, the reputations we built, the land we buy, the women or men we chase, the business we build, or the landscape we shape.

We are the words we speak and the actions that follow. We are the words we tell ourselves and others. We create the world we speak. We act from the energy we hold within. And it is time to see this and acknowledge that we are all responsible. And it is time to take action, as the cosmic order reflects to us. This New Moon do not look for a ritual, for an esoteric fashionable experience you could post on IG. No, times are too serious for that. You want a ritual to seed a new beginning? Than bring more equality and fairness into your world. In true Libran way - balance the ugliness, restore grace and elegance by using words that open minds, that help you and others grow.

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