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New Moon in Aquarius (20 degrees) square Uranus in Taurus (19 degrees) on February 9th, 2024

Every 28 days we have a new moon in the sky, a time to seed another idea, project and start fresh. The sign of the new moon informs on the "how" and sometimes on the "what". Without your natal chart, we can't know for sure where this new beginning will take place. However an astrologer can speculate on the themes that will emerge at the time of a new moon.


Aquarius and Pisces are two signs that can be easily misunderstood.

Aquarius is controversial - an air sign that is involved with group and communities, but needs a lot of time alone. Unconventional and breaking all rules, but having a rigidity of thought impossible to negotiate with. Very friendly and civilized, but when things get too personal they are vanishing. Always stepping into the future, great trendsetters and revolutionaries, but conservative to a fault. Fiercely independent, with a strong belief in self that makes a psychologist question "what is really going on?" If you thought Leo is the king of the zodiac, just watch an Aquarius being criticized or told how to improve things. They truly believe they "know it all" and if you even try to debate with them, you will feel the callousness and alien quality of the sign.


Therefore, at this New Moon, we will experience sudden emotional shifts that may surprise with their depth and rigidity. The drive for independence and doing our own thing in spite of the circumstances of our lives will be strong. Freedom and breaking rules, opposing the system will be the motivations behind our actions. The overall mindset will be extreme, nonconforming, unstable and rebellious.

It will feel like we don't remember the recent past or lessons we need to integrate, completely focused on tomorrow-land, on exciting new plans and ideas.


But there is more to say. As an astrologer who works as a counselor, people often come to me because things go wrong, not for readings. So I had my share of cases in which my clients did not express at all the natural energies of their sign. With Aquarius, sometimes I was expecting to see a reformist, but I would end up talking with the most conformist of people. Yes, the same internal, cellular fixity, but no desire to rock the boat. The same allegiance to their internal principles, but barely showing any weirdness, rarely even being seen in public. Loyal to a fault to their rules, to whatever they decided this life is about. Impossible to make them see anything else.


Therefore I am wondering, what kind of seed and conception this first New Moon in Aquarius with Pluto in the sign will reflect back to us? The extreme innovation and jump into the future, acting arrogantly towards the past? Or the other side of complete identification with a program, with rules already believed to be the best? Are we going to express our desire for autonomy through inclusion or exclusion? Are we going to vanish because we can't be ourselves or stay and learn to flex our ideas so we make room for diversity and inclusion?

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