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"My survival does not depend on someone else's approval of me"

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, 5 degrees Libra

March 25th 2024

Every six months we go through the eclipse season. Eclipses come in pairs, two or sometimes three in a row. These times are potent, they bring inner and outer changes. Eclipses are called portals of change or course-correction times. When an eclipse touches a planet in your natal chart, an energetic alarm prompts you to act more or less the theme signified by that particular planet. 

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 5 degrees Libra on March 25th 2024 sits next to the South Node of the Moon which represents endings. Libra is the signs of unions and partnership, so this time we are delving deeper into a shift - less of Libra consciousness -  a change from debilitating selflessness, losing oneself in a relationship, co-dependency towards the Aries consciousness of independence, self-awareness, constructive self-interest, moderation in giving and self-nurturance. Do a random browsing on social media and you will see many posts about self-love and "trauma bonds" or codependency.

The few days before and after this eclipse we may feel like we are in a daze, questioning our own emotions and not sure of what we are feeling. This is not a time for rational decision making, but it will work in your favor to follow the signs, to observe the circumstances around you and surrender your will to them. These days we are more able to let go of things we struggled to release in the past. This process will be subconscious, as if we are guided towards letting go. 

The ruler of this eclipse, Venus, is at 16 deg Pisces and it had left behind Saturn, the taskmaster and "no BS" planet. The days preceding the eclipse brought a reality check about our relationships, likes and dislikes and financial situation. Venus/Saturn in Pisces reflects soberness, but in Pisces it speaks about waking up from a dream/nightmare. Some of us will feel very disillusioned this week.

Prepare to see your love affair or financial enterprise with sensible eyes, and be gentle with yourself if you can't recognize the reasons why you have invested in them. This shift in perception shows that you have grown, that your values and choices today may not resonate with the actions from your past.

Mid March to mid April 2024, make a note to leave behind tendencies as: seeing oneself through others’ eyes; being Mr. or Ms. Nice; obsessive attachment to fairness and justice which in relationships usually means a “tit for tat” mentality and that Libran curse - attachment to external harmony. I found these affirmations very helpful and accurate, they are from "Astrology for the Soul" by Jan Spiller (a great book - easy to read by everyone, even a beginner):


“Before I can support others, I have to learn how to nurture myself.” 

“I can help others best by truly being myself.” 

“It’s okay not to be nice all the time.” 

“A sense of balance and strength comes from being fair with myself.”

"My survival does not depend on someone else's approval of me."

I want to bring up another aspect that may surface during this eclipse: the Libran tendency to search for an ideal - committed partnership that will make the person feel complete. Each sign has a basic need and Libra is happiest in partnership, as if their sense of who they are is incomplete when they are not part of an union. The Aries Sun suggests that this feeling of completeness can be achieved individually; it will not be the by-product of a relationship, no matter how wonderful the partner. 

We need Libra skills to mediate between aspects and people or values that don't blend well together. However, we also need to cultivate the Aries trait of honestly and directly expressing our own needs and values. 

Eclipses are times for completion and closure, for appreciating that life is not just birth and growth but also shrinking, shedding and letting go. The learning though, the soul deepening that comes from shedding layers of unconscious conditioning is so profound. How shallow we would all be if we would settle for what is already programmed within us. So say your goodbye, to whatever or whomever used to give you a sense of worth.

We are learning to find all that value inside of ourselves!

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