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Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

During Sept 22nd to Oct 13th, Mercury - the planet associated with communication, thought processes & short distance travel has journeyed from 25 #Libra to 11 #Scorpio. It is significant to look back at these weeks & identify what major themes we have dealt with, as these will be reviewed, re-edited, analyzed, changed as new information will become available. Forward movement will take place during Nov 2nd - Nov 19th, in regards to these major topics. There may be delays, miscommunication, misinformation due to hidden facts, unspoken truths, or abuse of power. Scorpio is associated with deep emotions, transformation & the need for strong emotional security - so what we revise during this mercury re adds to the layers of inner work & regeneration we started in 2020.  

This is not just another #MercuryRetrograde (we have 3 of them every year) - as it triggers the square (frustration, the need for action) with the #Capricorn planets - Jupiter, Saturn & Pluto. The story we are all processing during these weeks has to do with the fall of our structures, with the need to regenerate in areas of life that have collapsed since January when all was set in motion. And if so far we have been unaware or afraid to look at the ghosts in our basement or what we hid underneath the rug, well these last months of 2020 will reveal just that, whether in our personal world or in a broader, collective sense. This time, while Uranus (the awakener, shock, disruption) opposes Mercury we will not be able to escape the truth and the immediate consequences that will manifest in December after both Saturn & Jupiter move into Aquarius. Much will happen during these next months and we can prepare by looking back at the last 3 weeks and discern what we have been dealing with. Another way is to have an astrology session, especially if you haven't had one in 2020 - in this way you will know what area of life is under scrutiny and what type of energy is shaping your future. 

This year has been very condensed while our existence became almost minimalistic. We did not have too many outlets for our frustrations, and we could not escape anymore from the serious reality of our lives. With Mercury retrograde in #Scorpio, the many feelings we have not processed but unconsciously repressed will  be brought to surface. The secrets we have been hiding, especially from ourselves will become too loud to be avoided. The fears we have been taming will rebel. It is like a reckoning, due to scorpio's transformative effect. A few weeks of purging, complete letting go so we can start building fresh as soon as Mars finishes its retrograde movement mid Nov. 

Mind your words though, speak kindly to yourself and others. We are all going through this rebirth. Great time for therapy and any deep introspective work. 

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