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Mars conjunct Pluto, 0 deg Aquarius

With Mars entering the sign of Aquarius, you will fight for the fundamental principles that give sense and meaning to your life. In the area of your natal chart where you have the sign of Aquarius, you will assert yourself to express your independence, you will exert a lot of energy in defending the ways you differ from other people. This transit could also show a desire to fight for or against people or ideas which are unconventional or extreme. To fight for your personal doctrine. 

With Mars meeting Pluto, the usual drive or force of Mars (planet of conflict) takes on a more intense quality, as Pluto raises the stakes and brings extremism to any planet it touches. The decision or action you will take this week will have significant consequences, evident later in the month when Venus and Mars conjunct in Aquarius. When Pluto is in the mix, the things we do can not be undone. This combination of planets shows forces that are ruthless and fiercely competitive. Survival is a key motivation each time Pluto is involved. 

Collectively we may witness the beginning of a cycle of destruction. The archetype of the "bully" will come forth in our awareness, either by being done to us or us doing it to others. Being overly forceful, feeling and expressing rage (not anger); and what Sue Tompkins calls "bestial sexuality", as this planetary combination is associated with rape - all these are possible manifestations of today's Mars Pluto conjunction.

Coming back to a natal chart perspective, if you have planets in the first 5 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Scorpio and Taurus, the decisions you make today or are imposed on you will have complex, heavy consequences. Pluto grants the power we want, but it always comes with a heavy cost. Due to the zero degree meeting point, we could say that we are too naive, like a "fool" jumping over the cliff of power, without any maturity about what this sacrifice will be. 

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