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New Moon in Gemini, conjunct Venus and square Saturn, June 6th 2024

A new month cycle starts today with the New Moon in Gemini. This is a seeding time for intellectual pursuits, for new connections and initiatives which are objective, empirical and rational rather than subjective and intuitive. As an energy, Gemini is a teacher of facts and figures, exact and precise. It is inquisitive, open and friendly, constantly in need of new mental stimulation. Gemini tends to demystify, representing the real over the abstract; the parts over the whole; the particular over the general; facts over principle.

There may be a polarity or a duality present in the actions we implement now, doing two things at once. Or we may approach a project in a scattered way, losing our focus or being too impressionable due to the environment surrounding us. This time may reveal difficulty in maintaining constancy, consistency and commitment.

This quote expresses very accurately the nature of Gemini by pointing towards the natural mind-hand coordination present within people who have planets in this sign :” the geminian arms and hands move a great deal without going anywhere, while the Sagittarian hips and thighs carry the body purposefully towards a goal” (Astrology, The Divine Science by Marcia Moore and Mark Douglas).

In understanding how to work with this new moon energy we go back to the seasons — Gemini rules over the month of June, which represents the transition month to summer, with its endless variety of colors, restless bees and butterflies. These seasonal characteristics are a metaphor for the energy of this time: it expresses versatility and change; it is playful, searching, sociable, perceptive, irresponsible, refreshing, insightful.

The motto for the Gemini archetype is “I communicate”. The ruler of the sign is Mercury, the trickster, the change shifter, the god of wit. Gemini people excel at making connections between apparently disparate subjects and people; their weakness is boredom and they avoid emotional display; the energy is asexual and amoral.

It is also said about Gemini that it acts as the Peter Pan of the zodiac, forever resisting the commitment of adulthood, forever keeping all options open. Usually someone born with Gemini rising or many planets in Gemini will look younger than their age and have a playful demeanor.

In conclusion, the type of project we start at this New Moon requires mobility and space for experimentation; it should aim at connecting disparate parts or people; gathering and broadcasting information; it should have a non committal approach to it, involve a lot of movement and random change.

Saturn creates a challenging, frustrating relationship to this new moon which translates in having to be realistic and responsible for the type of promises or communication we are involved with at the moment. The presence of Saturn also speaks about delays and limitations that we may need to take into account regarding any action we may decide to start now.

Most affected signs will be Gemini and Sagittarius.

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