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Jupiter Conjunct Uranus in Taurus

21 deg Taurus (April 17th — April 25th, 2024)

The major astrological event of 2024 is the conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus. When two planets are conjunct their energy blends and each one influences the other. Jupiter has been associated with the principle of expansion and magnitude, with elevation and with a tendency to experience growth and progress. Uranus is concerned with new ideas breaking into society and collective consciousness. Uranus is the planet associated with revolution, revolt, reform and breakthroughs. Uranus transits reflect on discoveries, inventions and technological advancements. Both Jupiter and Uranus could be seen as planets of progress and freedom.

The conjunction of the two planets occurs approximately every 14 years and during each of these as well as during the intervening opposition, synchronized breakthroughs and innovations appear to take place in various realms — from culture and politics to major changes in cosmology. A few examples of the way this conjunction is reflected on life on earth:

  • During summer 1609, Kepler and Galileo independently made public within a few months of each other their separate discoveries that confirm the Copernican theory of the solar system;

  • 1775/1776 — Social and political rebellions mark the beginning of the American Revolution;

  • July 1789 — The fall of Bastille and the beginning of the French Revolution;

  • July 1858, Darwin announces his magnum opus, “The Origin of Species”, which is the foundational work of modern biology;

  • In November 1899, Sigmund Freud’s “Interpretation of Dreams” is published, which marks an important intellectual revolution — the inception of psychoanalysis;

  • During July 1969 was the successful culmination of the 1960 Space Flight Program with the Apollo Eleven Moon landing;

  • December 1961 showcases the 1st computer technology demonstration in San Francisco and 9 months later, the first successful transmission of the prototype for the internet;

  • 1961 also brings the beginning of the gay liberation movement and the emergence of radical feminism;

These are only a few of the major breakthroughs seen in history that align with a Jupiter Uranus conjunction or opposition. It appears that Jupiter- Uranus complex could be associated with the emergence of radical views and attitudes within the collective, as a result of rebelling against the status quo.

The last conjunction of Jupiter Uranus in Taurus took place in May 1941, during the WWII when many countries fought for world domination of territory and natural resources. Before 1941, the penultimate conjunction of these two planets in Taurus took place in May 1858, a year filled with social and political upheaval amongst world powers, and the year when Abraham Lincoln, a newly senatorial candidate expressed in a speech that slavery was immoral and incompatible with the principles of the Declaration of Independence embodied in the phrase “all men are created equal.”

Back to 2024, we are witnessing much disruption and chaos across continents, a very unstable financial market and increased polarization between nations and individuals. The same theme of liberation is on everyone’s lips, whether it is liberation from cultural or social expectations and roles or further, liberation from any power dynamic that suppresses the rights of any individual or group, country or nation.

On a personal level if you have any planets around 21 deg Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo, this year is going to show a shift in the trajectory of your life, by creating a new path and forcing rebellion and change. This transit has been in effect for the past two months so if you are resonating with these planetary alignments, there should be changes visible either internally or externally. Trust the energy and trust yourself that you are guided towards a new level of growth, aspire for progress and elevation in your life and do not be afraid of rebelling against what is known, tried and true. A new truth is available to you now.

We should expect both movement and change in the space dedicated to the Taurus house of our charts. For more in depth analysis, book a consultation.

The Taurus archetype shows “value for money”, it is associated with our turf — the territory and assets we own, our bodies and our wealth. Changes in these areas are very possible at the moment and if you find yourself holding onto something that seems to bring more loss than gain, the stars guide you to innovate and change the strategy. Allow your genius to shine and to break free of the conditional status quo.

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