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If you are born with Mercury in Pisces....

When your mind functions differently than what is mainstream, we tend to internalize faults and develop insecurities. Add in the mix your educational context, upbringing and life experiences and if you are not lucky to be around people who are open to differences or a context that values your peculiarities, then as an adult you may be convinced there is something wrong with you.

One of the reasons I never do counseling before I see the natal chart is linked with understanding the blueprint of the client first, before the person expresses their personality and concerns. Maybe your child or yourself is always distracted, has issues with pronunciation, learns only experientially or is very sensitive to sound.

A psychologist without astrological knowledge and practice will test the child and offer a diagnostic and tools to "normalize" what looks out of bounds. While I fully support psychological assessment, I believe it can be limiting without the understanding that there is a blueprint to all of us. And somehow astrology offers a lot of insight into it,

So if you are born with Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication in the watery, mutable sign of Pisces, you may feel or even be seen as different. And your wellbeing and mental health starts with understanding that the way your mind works is atypical in certain relational and social contexts. If you need support in developing the confidence to accept parts of yourself, invest in a consultation.

Astrology is informative and also fun. But its most significant quality is its therapeutic power. 

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