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Healing the Wound of the Self

New Moon Solar Eclipse, 19 deg Aries, conjunct Chiron

April 8th 2024


On April 8th 2005 there was a Solar Eclipse on the same degree as this one at 19 Aries. If you have planets between 16 and 22 degrees Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn both 2005 and 2024 are milestones in your life. These years show major changes in your life, depending on what house and what planets are being activated.


However in 2005 the eclipse was conjunct Venus, the planet of love and attraction.

Now in 2024, the main player in the sky is Chiron, the Wounded Healer. This new beginning is related to our wounds and the healing path we need to open and bravely embark on. Although a new beginning, it is hidden, eclipsed by our own emotional and psychological complexes. 


Did you notice the intensity ramping up in the past weeks, and outbursts of Aries themes like competition, independence and "ME" narratives? In a world devoid of compassion and understanding, in which roles and power dynamics shift with a speed that confuses us, we find our anchors in "ME"/"Myself" beliefs and attitudes. Self preservation and self advancement are all that matters; unfortunately we are blinded by how much hurt this orientation brings to others and ourselves in the long run.


Is Chiron reflecting a deep wound of Self belief or even worse, a total disconnection from the real Self  - therefore the need to overcompensate by being so focused on ourselves? It seems that through being so self involved we feel safer, keeping at a distance the painful memories of neglect and abandonment. But when everyone focuses on themselves, where is the "WE"? Can we really create harmony and live peacefully pretending that everyone should tend for themselves? We are wired to attach to each other, we survive and thrive through the quality of our relationships, through the alliances between nations and agreements based on a win-win paradigm. 


In myth, Chiron sacrifices his immortality to relieve himself from the constant pain. In doing so, he frees Prometheus, a rebel paying for his misdeed of stealing fire from the Gods.  Is it that those of us brought forward by this eclipse have to relinquish what we thought our identity is, and in doing so we heal and liberate others as well? Or is this eclipse showing us that so many of us are identified unconsciously with our deepest and painful wounds? 


Psychology would say so. That most of our decisions and choices in life, our outlook on ourselves and the world stems from a time when we were powerless, left vulnerable at the mercy of our parents and social or collective circumstances. And due to how survival is psychologically created, as children we internalized life events and make them about ourselves, only to repeat them later in adult life. 


So maybe this is a time to transform who we are by choosing to step beyond the wound. Mars, the ruler of this eclipse is in Pisces next to Saturn and it whispers that through taking accountability and responsibility for our actions, we invite forgiveness and grow capable of feeling empathy again. 


The starting point of this April 2024 is a painful one. And as much as it is invisible for now, the energy works in the background. Eclipses bring sharp and sudden changes, as if fate itself holds our hand when we step into the unknown. 

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