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It’s that time again when the Moon blooms majestically in the sky, reflecting in our lives emotional realities that need to be accepted, included and transformed.

Like a cosmic alarm with numinous wisdom, this Sagittarius Full Moon will draw attention to our relationship with meaning. The Sun in Gemini collects and shares information, while the Moon in Sagittarius adds the meaning, the interpretation. It creates a story.

Expansive and explorative by nature, Sagittarius has talent in catching the gist of something, the “spirit” and it does so intuitively, instinctively without bothering with details or deep critical analysis. This connection to the spirit of something and the confidence of this fire sign in everything big and future oriented create the troublesome symptom of self-righteousness. Sagittarius as a sign is renowned for its clumsiness and extreme tactlessness. Being candid and sincere overrules being sensible and oftentimes kind.

And it is this “high-horse” type of attitude I want to explore on this full moon (Sagittarius is associated with horses). When we think we are right and someone else is wrong, we communicate (Gemini) from a stance of morality and upper hand. Many times in our relationships distance and emotional disconnection are created by this “I know better” stance. When we enter the constricting space of self-righteousness, the other does not matter; what is significant is to set someone straight and tell it as it is, after all how could we be wrong? The meaning we attribute to our experiences feels undeniable true. Facts fade in the face of our story.

To solve this quandary, we need to learn (Gemini) about the complexity of being human. If astrology and psychology would be taught from an early age, as are biology and physics, we would know that what makes us who we are is the (compulsive and unconscious) repetition of a fake story created as a way of navigating our environment during times when we were most vulnerable — our early childhood. I like how clearly Jungian psychologist James Hollis expressed this: “ Our sense of self is conditional, acculturated, and very, very provisional. It’s influenced by our time and place, religious and educational backgrounds, family-of-origin dynamics, and so often is limited by the child’s perspective rather than the adult’s far more capacious possibilities of choice.” (A life of Meaning by James Hollis).

Our life today, the way we show up in our relationships is determined by the internalized stories we carry in our psyches. Some of those stories are quite overt and conscious as we were specifically taught to think, feel, and behave by our elders, our teachers, and our societies. Other narratives were quietly assembled by us day in and day out until invisibly they became who we are, or at least who we think we are. If we’re going to understand ourselves, make choices from a deeper place, and make authentic choices rather than serve predetermined behaviors, we have to become conscious of how those stories operate in our daily lives. We need to observe how we attribute meaning to our experiences. And our symptomatic self-righteous behavior is a doorway to become more aware and present both with facts and information (Gemini) and our interpretations of them (Sagittarius).

At this Full Moon, practice the dialectic of self-knowing and self-belief. The former presents itself humbly, with a healthy dose of self-doubt and curiosity about the world, while the latter tends to reinforce who we think we are, oftentimes to our own detriment. Explore both worlds — internal and external — from a place of openness, and widen the seconds between facts and meaning. Its like holding your breath.

If you sense it is time to embark on the journey of self discovery, using therapeutic astrology, or you need help in navigating difficult times, book your session here.

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