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Do More with Less (Virgo Full Moon, 5 deg opposite Mercury, Sun, Saturn, trine Jupiter)

When I work with clients who have their Moon in Virgo, I hear about many psychosomatic experiences - generally ill health caused by stress and mental agitation. These clients are also the ones who change their life by adopting a plant diet, they pursue cleansing often and are very skilled at creating chemical free products for their bodies and house. They value health and are focused on improving their lives. 

So by association, I see the time of year or month when the Moon moves through the constellation of Virgo as perfect for activities which cleanse, clean and purify. Virgo knows how to do more with less, and is aware that the solution to a problem is found in the details which most of us ignore. 

During Virgo Full Moons, we may see clearly how the part of life represented by the house where we have Virgo needs discernment, where we need new rules and routines. Virgo is well versed in methodologies and at this time we may investigate carefully what works and what needs recalibration. I call this quality control time.

The sky is always a mirror, that is the function of astrology. Don't think your horoscope is some superstition, not at all. Your natal chart is a reflection of you, so if you see a problem with it, it's due to the astrologer's lack of skill or your own level of consciousness which needs defenses that keep you "safe".

So being a mirror, the sky suggests at this full moon that we are torn between - choosing to improve by paying attention and fixing what does not work well - and the other side, the Pisces side of the sky (Virgo and Pisces are opposite signs) - which speaks about no rules, no methodology, going with the flow, surrendering. 

The Moon in Virgo follows the energy of Mercury in Pisces, so the question I see written in the stars this week is "How do I distil what matters to me so I can organize my life better, when all that surrounds me is chaotic, confusing and seems driven by an invisible force?" The answer is "Less is more".

So if you want to tap into this full moon energy and make the best of it, do less of the things that confuse you - like less screen time, less substances, less toxic or unstructured situations, less distractions, less absorption. And yes, the first thing you may feel once you do less of these is anxiety, but that's the first sign to know you are in Virgo land. Don't despair, Jupiter, the greater benefic of astrology gives a helping hand - his lesson is generosity. Be generous with your flaws, act as a good mother who knows that encouragement is more effective than punishment.

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