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Coming from or belonging to the sea

New Moon at 20 deg Pisces, sextile Uranus in Taurus. March 10th, 2024

Every New Moon reflects a new beginning, a time to seed an intention that will bloom during the following six months. This cycle follows a natural calendar, with the starting point at a new moon followed by the climax of your labor at the full moon of the same sign. Now we are in Pisces season, and the Full Moon in Pisces will take place on September 17th 2024. Uranus will be sextile the Full Moon in September as it does now at the New Moon, so we can reason that change, reform and revolution will be coloring the project or idea we start now and may complete in six months.

There are a few ways to work with a New Moon. The most efficient one is to know your natal chart and to see in what astrological house the New Moon takes place. Then you can apply this available energy to work, relationships, money, etc. - whatever that house is about.

However if you do not have that knowledge, you can allow intuition to bring this new start where it is needed in your life. By knowing the qualities of the sign of the New Moon, you can work out how this project will look like and how it will feel to apply yourself to it.

If we use the model that each zodiacal sign expresses basic needs within our psyche, which will be manifested through the chart in an individualistic and unique way, Pisces represents the need for transcendence, unity and bliss. Pisces needs to escape from the limited self, from the ego bound personal identity. The escapism happens naturally and organically through the use of imagination or substances. Our Pisces planets show the most addictive parts of ourselves.

This Piscean beginning has a mystical air, nebulous quality, dreamy idealism and tenderness. You may have a clear intention you would like to manifest but you may not know how to make it happen. Pisces guides you to have faith that the Universe will make it happen in the best way for your soul. Soul is an important word in the Pisces vocabulary. Soul as a word is traced back to a Proto-Germanic root "saiwaz" meaning "coming from or belonging to the sea". Again the theme of unity, fluidity and belonging. The element of water - emotional, receptive, subtle.

However I would not say that this beginning will be subtle. Uranus, the radical of the zodiac is supporting the blend of the Sun and Moon, so there will be a shocking, unexpected, surprising quality to this new start in your life. Maybe it will be a lovely synchronicity, a twist of fate that puts you in the right place at the right time. Or perhaps you get lost, flowing through the streets of a city you visit and discover the house of your dreams. Or your fingers run across a book that will change your life. Or having coffee on Sunday morning, you meet a random poet, a drunk man or a guru- all Piscean figures - who's spirituality offers your heart the balm you needed to heal.

Magic, illusion, denial, escapism, artistic, alluring, flow, boundless, lost, found....all these are Piscean states. Dissolution of what we perceive as 3D. Unity with something we have no words for yet. Transcendence.

Pisces is about all the feelings, all the moods, all the states as if our psyche would shift from one to another, always living a paradox, here but not here. One of my mentors, Glenn Perry writes about ... "Pisces is with you and not with you at the same time. So total can be their loss of boundaries that the individual may have difficulty knowing whether the feelings they are experiencing are yours, theirs or someone else's."

Is this a "good New Moon"? I have no idea. I hope it will surprise us all with more collective unity, with the transcendence of our hate for each other. But that is my wish, my longing. Pisces is very idealistic, as it is deeply human - as in able to feel the depth of all - which so often translates into addiction. Is hard to feel it all and to be permeated by all that psychic energy within and around you.

If I confused you with this essay, we are on the right track. We need to be lost, to step away from the methodical and efficient (Virgo as the opposite sign of Pisces ) in order to be found by that magical synchronicity that can radically uplift our lives.

So on this New Moon in Pisces set the intention to merge with your purpose, to become ONE with it and allow the invisible and other-worldly to guide your steps into manifestation.

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