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2018… Your Time to Show Up

If you’re even a little bit active on social media, you would have seen the hilarious memes about how trying the last year was for most people – based on the many global conversations that took shape, we see where 2017 was a volatile year that taught us many lessons. It shifted us collectively towards a more authentic way of self-expression, challenged our values and belief systems, and re-shaped the way we relate to each other in all settings. This year, the energy will feel much more grounded and supportive, but there is a catch – we must pay for this grounded-ness by committing to a specific goal.

The Energy of 2018

This year is a Yin year, predominantly ruled by Capricorn, Taurus and Scorpio—all Earth and Water signs— which will affect us personally and collectively. The combination of these signs brings an energy of fertility, which is perfect for getting ourselves in the right mindset. Supported by Saturn in Capricorn, we are given a playground to dream and a strong foundation (our essential life force combined with universal alignment) to manifest them into goals and make them a tangible, solid reality.

Translation: If we do not take ourselves seriously and work hard towards our achievements, we will meet a lot of challenges.

Another cosmic influence that will impact us until November is Jupiter in Scorpio, we already saw and felt its influence last year in movements like#MeToo and personal turmoil for many of us. This energy continues in 2018 as it is a year when we will be summoned to work with our shadow selves.

Things grow and expand under Jupiter transits, so think back to what happened in your life 12 years ago, when we experienced the same energy. Those themes of 2006 will be repeated this year, of course with other actors and under new circumstances.

In a nutshell: What we hold taboo, secret, unacceptable or shameful about ourselves, whatever we project unto others and reject when it is mirrored back to us, will need to be acknowledged, worked through and healed, and opportunities will present themselves to make this shadow work possible.

How to handle it…

Get ready. Dream big, but do the work to ensure that when the opportunity comes to claim what you manifested, you are prepared to run with it. Stop wasting time. Tie up all loose ends, do whatever you need to do lay the foundation this year before the energy shifts in the coming years.

When your challenges come around, pass your life exams and focus with discipline on whatever it is you want to get done. Words like practical, reliable, durable, stable, and measurable should definitely be part of our mindsets this year. Use them as an assessment tool for your work. In terms of resources and strengths, the more you embody and express perseverance, dedication and patience, the better the outcome.

In this fertile energy of earth and water, the growth will be slow and steady (think of it as walking through mud), so take time to work through your fears, doubts, shame and psychological blockages.

Cool Tip: Instead of asking ‘what will 2018 bring to me?’ shift your perspective and answer the question ‘what will I bring to 2018?’ I recommend hard work, pushing through challenges and, mostly, commitment to changing our inhibiting thoughts and unhealthy patterns.

Need help achieving your goals? I can offer you support. Book a consultation with me to receive more guidance on navigating these energies (applied to your personal astrological chart - your soul map).

And if astrology isn’t your preference, join me this Saturday, January 20th, at AFYA where you will learn and experience techniques that empower you to manifest your best 2018. I’ll help you define and embody your goals, then identify and release the limiting beliefs and unhealthy habits that keep you stuck in the past (and prevent you achieving them).

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