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Sagittarius New Moon, conjunct Saturn

We feel the potential of a new start, energy concentrated without a very clear direction. Sage elicits a search for meaning and truth, but this specific time feels more like a letting go than a fresh optimistic beginning. With Saturn at the last degree of Sagittarius, paired with the New Moon, this chapter that we seed right now in our unconscious comes as a consequence of a painful lesson learned. It is easier when we want to change something and proceed energetically towards a new future. It's much harder when life throws us into despair and the only way to survive is to change. Feelings of hopelessness, disappointment, hurt, a somber mood that eventually pushes us towards a different choice, a more realistic path. Last night I listened to a genius of psychotherapy talk about death. He was sad because his mates all died and in a graceful and humble manner he was welcoming his end. The audience, more than 5000 people were in tears. Not at the hearing of death, but because of how powerful was his acceptance towards his own end. A close friend attempted suicide. She survived and in her despair, we all were reminded that sometimes it's just hard. Life is hard. I said goodbye to another friend today, a soul that seemed so close to me, a person that I had so much in common with that I wished life could give us another chance.

And there are the other endings, the ones that are decided by something within us. The letting go of a hurtful relationship, the leaving behind of inner parts that no longer serve. And it is the right time, because we want a more meaningful life. There may be tears these days, there may be a feeling of defeat circling around us. Center yourself in your breathing, nurture the part of your body where the emotion is stored and from the place of accountability towards yourself, stay resilient. Because this resilience, this aloof but disciplined stance will bear fruits in the following month, helping you to realize a more grounded and mature sense of self. Commit now to something serious and important to you and you will be blessed. But be aware that every time we grow, something has to die.

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