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Full Moon in Gemini

Swim in fantasy but remain awake...

Full Moons are times of insights and revelations, with the Sun (consciousness, awareness) projecting the light onto the Moon (unconscious). However, this particular Full Moon in Gemini is squaring Neptune, the lord of fantasy and illusion and is ruled by Mercury, stationing retrograde on the same day.

Therefore, the best way forward is to question reality and to try to marry facts with beliefs. Whatever you feel is right at this time, must be supported by proof, otherwise, we may fall prey to lies, deceit, and trickery. Be aware of your feelings, as there is a lot of confusion and heaviness in the collective right now. Best is to work on your boundaries and take time off from any serious endeavor, especially if it requires commitment or promises. At Full Moons we encounter conflict through other people, relationships may be colored by duplicity and secrets. Better stay grounded and not give in to escapism, whether that is love, spirituality or psychedelic substances.

Meditation, yoga, music, spending time by the sea or in nature, silent walking, any activity that will calm the mind and allow space are more suitable to cope with the smoke-screen that surrounds us all. After a tense Mars-Uranus opposition that propelled us into excitement, danger, and fast violent reactions, this Full Moon may find us vulnerable, emotionally naked and exposed. Stay aware and cautious, of your own perceptions, but also of the outer environment. These days will feel as if we drive on a highway with heavy fog, trying to reach a destination but more and more aware of our inner angst and the lack of possibility outside us. Therefore, slow down and nurture yourself, connect with your spirit-tribe, pray to your gods, and observe. Practice acceptance right now, and don't give in to numbing yourself. The following weeks, guided by Mercury retrograde we'll be able to reflect and re-write our life scripts from a more empowered place.

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