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Live from the Heart. Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Leo

The only time I experienced a total solar eclipse was in August 1999. I remember those moments vividly. Walking on the streets of my natal town, inwardly fighting the knowing that I should put the protection glasses on. I cheated I think, for a few seconds, looking straight into the dimming light of the sun. I made a wish to myself like I always do in threshold moments. The wish came true, as my cosmic tribe never lets me down.

Total Solar Eclipses are rare in someone's life unless one travels the globe as an eclipse-hunter. Moments filled with awe, and a kind of humility that is not easily accessible in daily life. That feeling that magic does exist, that you are part of something bigger, meaningful; an emotion that is so raw, so visceral that makes you bow and ask the gods for their help. However, eclipses are not a rare phenomenon. They happen twice every year. But they differ a lot in intensity, on the scale partial-total. The closer to being Total, the more powerful the eclipse is.

And even if you are not into the astro-woo talk and you tend to scientifically protect yourself from the wonder that would nourish your soul, eclipses create profound psychological and energetic effects. For millennia, they have been regarded as the world's greatest omen, more than often signifying a change in kingship - the Sun is a symbol for the cosmic king and in ancient cultures, the political assembly mirrored the cosmic state.

Thousands of years later, one would say things haven't really changed in the way people interpret eclipses. Just type the word on Google and you will find plenty of articles about how this eclipse will impact President Trump and will change America. The August 21st Total Solar Eclipse will definitely bring collective changes, but I am cautious in defining how these shifts in consciousness will play outwardly. However, if we consider that millions of people flock on an Eclipse Pilgrimage this week, we must acknowledge the depth of energy, of surprise and magic that will soothe the American land.

The August 21st Total Solar Eclipse is a powerful one, due to its precise alignment between the Sun, Moon and the Earth. The day will become night, conscious awareness blending with the unconscious, the instinctual. As a therapist, I feel joy when these cosmic moments occur. Because I know how significant the unconscious is in the healing process. A collective trance, this eclipse will offer the opportunity for a new pattern - associations within our inner world. Real change is subtle, unfathomable. As much as we think it takes a conscious decision to break a habit, to leave a relationship, or to live more from our heart, change happens quietly. Then the conscious mind, through practice, develops a new, healthier habit.

Being the second New Moon in Leo this month, this eclipse will offer us the chance to tune in and look carefully at matters of the heart. What brings you joy? What makes you stay attuned to the present moment? When are you child-like, innocent in your faith, open and curious, everything seems to flow. Self-expression is natural, confidence is not a far away, abstract concept, but a felt emotions. When we live from the heart, we are aligned. Life is a continuous creation.

And yes, there is a shadow. And maybe for some of us, this eclipse will help us identify elements of our shadow that we project, so we can own and transform them. Leonine negative traits like pride can change into courage, the need for recognition and applause can be reframed into a need to belong and to connect, or the stubborn egotistic attitude can develop into generosity.

While this cosmic, energetic gate is open, do whatever works for you to connect with your heart. Take a leap of faith and for a time, shorter or longer, forget everything you know about yourself and just be. Live according to your intuition and observe how that feels. How your body is more and more relaxed, how your mind gets quieter while something else within comes to life. Observe how excitement becomes the best medicine and how comfortably and pleasantly life seems when we live from our heart. And while you do this spiritual, heart practice, seed your intentions for the upcoming 6 months. Plant a vibrant you, that will effortlessly blossom and shine.

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