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Become your own Hero

'Only one who has risked the fight with the dragon and is not overcome by it wins the hoard, the 'treasure hard to attain'.

- Carl Gustav Jung, founder of Analytical Psychology

Trust. The fundamental quality of the hero. Without trust, he or she will not embark on what seems like an impossible quest. Trust to leave safety, comfort, security, and trust to forge into the unknown. Trust to live in uncertainty, to face obstacles and allow triumphs. Trust to continue on the chosen path when there isn't any guarantee for success. Trust to admit the possibility of failure, of losing oneself, the proximity of humiliation and rejection. Trust in the inner resources and talents that will overcome the enemies. Trust in the inner light that will put others into the shade. Trust in one's integrity and values that will diminish the attraction of temptations. Trust in the intensity of your inner fire, your life source.

When trust is lost, and I am asked for help, I look towards the wisdom of the stars. One of the resources that I use in my work to connect with trust and help my clients stay on the hero's journey is the astrological chart. More specifically, the sign and position of the Sun, what is commonly known as the sign you are born in - for example, Libra for those born in the month of October. The astrological Sun describes not who we are, but who we desire to become. The Sun depicts the hero's process of becoming a distinct entity. The glyph of the Sun looks like a cell with a nucleus in the middle, and, similarly, the Sun contains clues as to what lies at the center of our being, what is our nucleus, our core, our essence. That knowing of who we are that reinforces trust.

So if trust is hard to reach and the treasure of being yourself is hard to attain, connect with your Sun. Hints for how to do this, below (inspired by one of my teachers in the art of astrology, Frank Clifford).

  • The person with Sun in Aries is born to develop a self-determining individuality and sprint ahead of the pack. Aries must learn courage, dare to break new ground, fight for a cause or for the underdog and put herself/himself first without apology.

  • The person with Sun in Libra is born to be the strategist, the mediator, the peacemaker. He/She learns to bring a balanced objectivity to situations. Forever the bridge-builder, Libra irons out disputes in a diplomatic, fair and civilized way: decisions are based on reason, unhampered by emotion.

  • The person with Sun in Taurus is born to be the ‘rock’, the stalwart and constant upon which others can rely. His/Her job is to preserve and sustain, demonstrate faithfulness and stay ‘for the long haul’. Taurus builds foundations to last and assembles something of material value that will weather the storm.

  • The person with Sun in Scorpio is born to become the alchemist, the potent healer and the unflinching investigator of life’s mysteries. He lives to explore the deeper meaning of existence, the dialectics of nature, the taboo and forbidden.

  • The person with Sun in Gemini is born to spot patterns, to connect people and ideas.Gemini seeks to communicate, understand and articulate – and to offer options and other viewpoints for consideration. She/He melds aspects of numerous philosophies to create her/his own eclectic system of thought.

  • The person with Sun in Sagittarius is here to aim high, ask the big questions and explore the possibilities beyond the facts. A natural evangelist, he ignites other people’s interest with great enthusiasm. Born with a voracious appetite for knowledge and living, he welcomes all philosophies and never stops learning.

  • Cancer is a romantic, wistful and poetic sign born to help others connect to their heritage and treasure their past – without becoming a slave to it. She/He is the midwife, guiding people through life’s emotional conflicts and rites of passage.

  • Capricorn is born to rise above initial hardship, endure a long apprenticeship and attain a position of respect and authority – a monument to individual achievement. On this path towards mastery over his environment, he/she is challenged to work within a rigid hierarchy, guard his principles and retain a moral code that is beyond reproach.

  • Leo is born to recognize the power of her/his individuality, one that stands apart from family and overbearing patriarchal influences.Leo's personal journey is to discover his/her creative potency and to explore the divine child within.

  • Aquarius is born to provide a clear, original perspective on social issues of justice and responsibility (the spirit of liberté, égalité, fraternité). Initially a people-pleaser, he must eventually assume his own authority and see his separateness as a strength.

  • Virgo is born to be the craftsman and the specialist. A natural harvester, she separates the wheat from the chaff and her interest lies in getting to the heart of the matter. Her challenge is to balance mind, body and spirit. Focusing on details that are useful and essential, Virgo aims to create systematic order and make the world a better place.

  • Pisces is the Good Samaritan, born to offer service, empathy, altruism and compassion. Aware of the interconnectedness of all life, he teaches others about the universal joys and sufferings of the human condition.

These tiny clues could be expanded into a full analysis of one's true nature through an astrological reading. The insight and practicalities received from the chart can help us connect with the hero within, grow trust and shine out our true nature.

Trust this Full Moon happening now and dare to listen to the Hero within. His or her whispers may change your life!

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