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Ancient Zulu Rituals Helping to Change Lives in Jamaica

Family Constellations have become a growing phenomenon around the globe, including helping you to break the mental, physical, and spiritual chains that hold you back in life, this unique alternative therapy, uses the presence of ancestral energy to heal discomfort, resolve conflicts and solve problems in individual lives.

Originating from South African Zulu rituals (fused with integrating elements from family systems therapy such as (Moreno, Satir, Boszormenyi-Nagy and existential-phenomenology psychology), it releases blocks in the unconscious mind that prevent or limit health, growth, or happiness. This ancient practise is helping to change lives around the world challenging theories that a persons ancestral past does not affect their lives.

Alina Apostol, is currently holding Ancestral Healing Family Constellation workshops at Afya Yoga Centre in Kingston, told The Gleaner, Family Constellation allows you to see and feel unconscious patterns in your life.

The healing practise helps find answers to various life questions such as what is holding you back in relationships? Why is your business not succeeding? What is blocking you from thriving? Why are your children struggling, and so on, Apostol said.

We have all heard the saying: to get the life you want, you have to break old patterns. However, for most of us, breaking the pattern is impossible either because everything we try does not work or does not work long term. But the question is why?

Explaining that Family Constellation highlights what's happening on a soul or energetic level, Apostol, who is a trained psychotherapist specialising in hypnosis and Eriksonian therapy, said there is shamanic element to Family Constellations that allows unseen and unspoken energies to be given a voice, through the bodies and speech of your representatives. This allows you to see, perhaps for the first time, whats really going on - almost like a behind-the-scenes view, which is a vital step in the healing process, since we cannot heal what we cannot see.

Advocating how Family Constellation can help improve the emotional and spiritual wellbeing of countless families lives across Jamaica, Apostol who was recently married at Frenchman's Cove, said, "Family Constellation works from a brain, psyche, soul, and energy connection helping people to give back the energetic burdens that they no longer want to carry." Genetic disorders and illness, loyalty to ones family can mean that people manifest the same kinds of illness as their parents and grandparents, something shown in studies of epigenetics.

How It Works

Apostol, who is also an astrologer, said, "It works mainly in a group of motivated people. Some people volunteer to be a client. A facilitator like myself, asks the client to state briefly what their challenge is, why they want to do constellation or about unusual fates suffered, or family dynamics, then the client selects people from the group to represent his/herself and other members of their family, past or present."

"Representatives are asked to centre themselves and to connect with their body, as they open themselves up to the forces in an unfamiliar family field", she said.

Throughout the session, the facilitator intervenes minimally, asking representatives to express what they are feeling in non-verbal ways, encouraging them to move, or offering them some language of the soul to say to one another. After each intervention, the facilitator checks how the representatives and client are affected. The constellation ends when everyone is relaxed, and a resolving image has been achieved.

Encouraging people to not be afraid to let go of their past, Apostol stated, "After many hours of family constellations, during the last five years, I recommend this healing method for any type of problem, issue or desire". All of life's issues and tissues can be solved by Family Constellation.

Original article in Gleaner-Jamaica.

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