A self-discovery journey using Astrology

Do you want to improve your life and live happier?

Do you want to know why you keep repeating the same mistakes and patterns?

Do you want to know how to have better relationships?

Do you want to know what your soul lessons are for this lifetime? 


Let’s use your natal chart to discover these answers and more.  I use astrology as a tool for self-discovery and for transcending the limiting beliefs that keep people, prisoners. If you are curious about yourself, your life patterns, your choices, even your fears, arrange a private session with me. The best investment is always in ourselves. 


My offerings:


  • Free astrology guidance on my website and social media - subscribe to my newsletter to stay informed.

  • Personality Reading - explore potentials of natal chart -life focus, talents, gifts and challenges.

  • Problem-solving Reading - offers solutions to the problems that you are confronted with and explains psychological patterns.

  • Relationship Compatibility -  offers guidance for improving communication and empowering relating.

  • Relocation Reading - explores your life-themes in the new location, the country you move to.

  • Vocational Reading - delivers understanding of your skills and talents in moments when you feel stuck

  • Forecast Reading - 12 months ahead analysis of astrological energies that will influence your life


In person or on-skype sessions. Psychology and Astrology in one offering. Just for you. Book now!


Standard session rate: USD 120, 90 minutes consultation, recording and materials provided.


Bundle rate: USD 200, for any two readings offering, 150 minutes consultation, recording and materials provided.


Existing clients: USD 90, 75 minutes consultation, recording and materials provided.





Astrology Readings
1 hr 30 min
New Moon in Cancer, conjunct Mercury

New Moon in Cancer, conjunct Mercury

This New Moon in Cancer aligned with Mercury offers the opportunity to express through communication our private, fragile and vulnerable feelings.

Venus - Jupiter Conjunction in Leo

Venus - Jupiter Conjunction in Leo

Healing happens when we can be gentle with ourselves

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus

The Journey of Mind - Consciousness through Fixed Earth