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This Is Exciting!

Mars in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus, March 9th 2024

After a nebulous few days while Mercury and Neptune met in the sky in the constellation of Pisces, we will experience a new burst of energy, surprising and even shocking developments. Both Mars and Uranus are fast, action oriented and hyperactive. 

The next few days are full of dynamism. If your natal chart is touched by this astrological transit, you will know what you want and the fastest route to get it. Obviously patience is not available now, you may find yourself stubborn and willful to achieve whatever goal you have your eyes on. 

Be careful of extremism, use the originality available now, but be aware of possible accidents. If accidents occur at this time, they are the consequence of risk taking and of failure to obey rules. This aspect will make you too willful to listen to anyone’s opinion or warnings. 

If you hear someone saying to you or your inner voice whispering “ Come, this is exciting!”, then you are living this aspect.

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